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Stop Smoking Wearable Device


There is a general believe that smoking of cigarettes could cause cancer and other life threatening illnesses, so a lot of people have diverted to Electronic cigarettes. The NHS stated on their website on Monday September 3 2012, that “Electronic cigarettes could ‘damage your lungs’ as they cause less oxygen to be absorbed by the blood,”. With this message, I feel that Electronic cigarettes are almost as harmful as real cigarettes.


Danger of Smoking

The Natural Society discussed that smokers face an increased risk of countless health problems and suffering from any of these health problems usually scares people more than knowing they may die from smoking.

Health Problems Related to Smoking

There are existing apps available for calculating how much one can save when not smoking, but I feel that it should go more than that as some people are not really bothered how much they spend on smoking, some people may even reduce the quantity of food they buy and increase the budget on cigarettes.

Wearable devices have been used to improve life in several aspect of life, such as excise, brain control systems and so on, so I feel wearable device through the use of Information Systems and Knowledge management will help reducing the number of sticks consumes or help stop smoking.

It is expected that people will ask how wearable device can help reduce or stop someone from smoking. As discussed in my earlier post, “Knowledge is power” the more one knows the harm smoking can cause and with a regular reminder, one should be able to control the number of cigarettes consumed or even stop smoking.

The wearable device should be connected to an app via the blue tooth or Wi-Fi, it should be able to sense when the user smokes and send a vibrating signal with some warning signal and messages stating the harm that the cigarette can cause to the user. the wearable device should also be able to read hearth rate and inform the users how much danger that the person smoking could be facing and also, it should be able to advise the user to go for some excise.

Vehicle Parking App

The Department for Transport estimates that the overall motor vehicle traffic in Great Britain is 303.7 billion vehicle miles, which is an increase of almost 19.4% over the past 10 years. This is a proof that there are more vehicle on the move, whereby increasing the number of vehicles that need parking as more people use their vehicles in recent times.


It is quite difficult searching for parking space in public car parks in recent times since there is an increase in vehicle usage in Great Britain and this is a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. For example, a student having lecture for 10am, may arrive at the university public car park 15 minutes before lecture, he or she may have to drive around looking for free parking slot, and in some cases the car park may be full, so in some most cases the student get late for lecture even though he or she arrives 10 minutes before time. Information Systems with the use of knowledge management could be used to address parking issues even if more car parks are built.


One of the methods to addressing the above parking issue is by developing an application that will be available online to all vehicle users; the users should be able to access the app on phones, mobile device or vehicle having smart devices that are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. The app should be programmed in a way that it will check for the availability of parking slots in public car parks and inform the vehicle driver where to find free parking slot or inform the driver if there is no free parking available. The app should able be able to let the driver know where other close car parks are and if there are free space available. This will ease life for vehicle drivers and also reduce the time spent in looking for free parking space in public car parks.

Brain Controlled Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are mainly for people with disabilities or medical conditions. I have often asked myself how someone with no hands or paralysed hands operates a wheelchair. They may be several ways to bypass using the hands to operate a wheelchair, but I will be discussing how the brain can be used to control the wheelchair with the use of technology.


According to a medical Reviewed on 24 April 2013 by George Krucik, he explained that the brain’s job involves receiving information from the rest of the body and then interpreting the received information to guide the body’s response to perform an action (Krucik, 2013). The brain as we know has the ability to store and process information from all senses, so as to take appropriate responsive actions from information received.

Understanding how the brain works

knowing how powerful the brain is, we can use it to our advantage with the use of information system to transform the information from the brain to a wearable device to effectively control a wheelchair. This enables more people with partial paralyses move about without the help of someone else and improves their living conditions.

UKVI Attendance Monitoring Systems

The UKBA has mandated the Universities in the United Kingdom to monitor attendance of all Tier 4 students.

Case study: University of Salford UKVI Attendance Monitoring

The University of Salford monitors the attendance of all Tier 4 students as required by the UKVI regulations. This is a commitment to meeting all of its duties under its Tier 4. Licence (University of Salford, 2015).

UKVI Attendance Monitoring

The University of Salford students are required to sign on attendance register on every lecture attended, and a separate attendance form for UKVI are also required to be filled out and signed by all international students.

From my point of view, it is not necessary for international student signing two separate attendance register; instead technology by swiping student ID card to gain access for lecture should be implemented.

Filling and signing separate UKVI create extra work for the lecturer as he or she would be required to sign all the UKVI forms. It will also create extra work for the administrator entering the student details to the database and some of the forms may be misplaced on transit.

I recommend that an intelligent system should be put in place, so students can swipe in with their student cards when entering the lecture room. Once a student swipe in, the student details should be sent to the University’s data base and also the information can be replicated directly to the UKBA for record purpose.

There are several advantage of the intelligent system as under listed below:

  1. Date and time stamp will show on student attending lectures. This will enable the University monitor and UKBA not just monitor attendance, but also monitors on time attendance. This could also be helped in a survey, by knowing the percentage of students attending lectures on time and what countries they are from.
  2. It will reduce the work loan of the University or UKBA administrator.
  3. It will reduce the use of paper and human error when entering details into the database system.
  4. The record will be more accurate.

Online Trading

Forex and stock trading are good examples of online trading. This kind of trading needs real time information to function properly. The information to enhance this kind of trading is so vast, whereby making real time information unavailable to traders most times. The purpose of online trading is for profit making, so if real time information is not available for comparison, it will be difficult to make the right decision, so the purpose of profit making may be defeated.

Information Systems and knowledge management could be the answer to this problem. Let us take United Kingdom (Country) as our case study to explain what kind of information would be required to predict the rise and fall of the British Pounds against the United States Dollars or Japanese Yen (currency) in Forex trading. It is assumed that importing of goods and services from other countries causes local currency (GBP) to flow out of the country. If the imports are greater than the exports, there will be a deficit in the country’s current account. With a strong economy, a country can attract foreign capital to offset the trade deficit. This general assumption is mainly believed to leads to the rise and fall of a country’s currency against other countries’ currency.

Forex trading is online trading that deals with buying and selling of currency. Online forex trade works with information that should be processed in real time to enable decision making. There are several factors which can affect the rise and fall of currency apart from import and export of goods and services. Some of these factors could be: Natural Disasters, war, Government policy etc.

Solution: As stated above, Information Systems and Knowledge management is the answer! The question should be; how can Information Systems and Knowledge Management handle this problem?

The answer is the integration of an intelligent System/ software that will gather information from different sources such as breaking news, for example radio, television and Newspaper websites etc and store the information in cloud database, process the received information in real time against existing information stored and generate a result by alerting the trader at any point in time when it is time to trade or when a caution is needed. An example of the caution can be ”trade GBP against USD with caution”, “Trade GBP against USD with 85% possibility of interest with an estimated increase of .20 GBP every 2 seconds”, “Stop Trading, Now! Inconsistent trade pattern”

Health and Fitness

A survey was carried out by BBC to find out if GP’s less than 60 years of age would like to retire or leave General practice before the age of 60; out of the 930 GP’s who replied, 520 of them said they yes and 360 said no. It was further gathered that the season for the greater number of GP’s intending to leave is due to understaffing or excess work load. One of those interviewed said he is 48 year of age and he is looking forward to retire from the National Health Service (NHS) due to the physical volume of work (BBC HEALTH NEWS, 2015).

The link below throws more light on the above.

BBC News Health

There are several ways which Information System can help reduce the physical work load whereby allowing the GP’s to get work done on time without having to work extra hours.

The solution to the above problem could be wearable devices, which are now available to monitor health and fitness. The information gathered can be sent in real time to the hospital database, which will enable GP’s log on to the patient’s information and look through the information needed instead of carrying out physical examination, such as checking blood pressure, pulse hearth rate etc, on every patient. The wearable device should transmits these information directly to the cloud server via Wifi or blue tooth to a mobile device (mobile phone) which will further be transmitted to the cloud server on specific interval ideally not more than every 5 minutes replication time.

This could be a solution to reducing the work load of GP’s and it would also enable GP’s attend to move patient. All things being equal this could be classified as being beneficial to not just the GP’s, but also the patients in terms of getting earlier appointments, and getting real time medical attention, to the Government financially and technically in the heath sector.

In summery this blog tells us how knowledge management in information systems help us in our everyday life. “Knowledge is power and computer is the amplifier of the power… “Knowledge itself is to become the new wealth of the nation” , (Edward Feigenbaum, )

Knowledge Management

Information Systems aims to support management, operations and decision making. Information Systems is also a way in which people interact with technology in support of business activities and growth in the competitive market.

Knowledge management is a branch of information systems and it is described as the process of capturing, distributing, and using the knowledge captured effectively (Koenig, 2012). Knowledge Management could be used in several aspect of life. This blog will reflect on how information (Data) captured are stored in a local or remote systems such as office database systems or cloud storage space for the purpose of knowledge management, future references, profit making and to track health status.

The video below reflects on data, information, knowledge and wisdom